Increased sales

In separate 100 day tests conducted in two major supermarket chains the “Wine Card” produced average unit sales increases by 148%. Unit dollar sales increased an average of $152.

Adding value to the “value wine segment”

In each test site we included three “value” wines. The average unit sales increase was 182%.

Getting the consumer to trade up

In Chain A store #10 we included several higher price point wines, (up to $23.99) and noted that the three most expensive wines had an average unit sales increase of 266%.

Building customer loyalty

The test showed us that once the consumer tried a wine they continued to buy it. Despite the fact that wines sales in January and February run 35% lower than November and December, the average wine sold 4.75 more bottles in the second half of the test

Improved margins

Test vintage, Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon / 12% price increase implemented the first week of January. See data and graph below. Placement and monthly service at a surprisingly low cost.