photo_featuresThe Wine Card™ is a lifestyle product that gives the consumer what they want.  Concise, to the point and relevant information about wines. Our goal is to enhance the wine buying experience for consumers, educate employees, increase sales and make the retailer a destination for the wine.

Using super markets surveys, as a guide we have learned that over 85% of consumers will not spend more than $11 on a bottle of wine unless they have previously tasted or had the wine recommended by a friend or in a review. The Wine Card™ provides that recommendation. The reviews and scores give the consumer the confidence to spend more on a bottle of wine. Wine selection is intimidating.  This has been one of the major benefits of The Wine Card™ program; getting the consumer to buy up.

A recent survey indicated that 5% of the population buys over 80% of the premium wines in this country. That leaves a lot of room for growth.


The Concept is Simple…

Grocery Customers

The Wine Card is a 2.125″ x 3.5″ full color card that features a wine bottle label and rating on one side, and a review of the wine and food pairing info on the reverse. A deck of these cards is placed in a plastic holder and is clipped to the supermarket shelf, directly in front of the rated wine.

The best part of The Wine Card is the flexibility and simplicity it affords every vineyard in the world. This is a turnkey program that includes design, printing, placement and monthly service at a surprisingly low cost.