Develop higher customer satisfaction

54% of wine buyers are women. Their primary buying decision is based on food paring. 46% of wine buyers are men. They look at ratings and reviews. The wine card addresses both consumer needs and more.

For wine consumers
The retailer would become a destination: Targeting both the wine enthusiast and novice buyer.

Higher average sales
Consumers will pay more for a product if they have the confidence that it will provide greater satisfaction

Better inventory management
Higher inventory turns and a better ability to manage corporate assets by reducing inventories.

Internet exposure
Drive the consumer to your web site.

Greater product placement
Greater demand for the product from retailers.

Targeted and measurable sales results.

Increased repeat sales
The card is kept and used during future purchases of the same wine.

Enhanced word of mouth
Passing the cards to friends or buying a bottle as a gift and including the card.

Greater recognition
Separate your wine from the pack.