winecard-rackwinecard-appThe Pocket Media Wine Card is the next generation in targeted interactive point of purchase media. It simplifies wine buying by providing consumer friendly information that is easily understood. The Wine Card is an automatic in-store wine steward that answers customer questions, and best of all the consumer can take it with them. It makes the complex world of wine buying simple.

The concept is simple. It is a 2.125” x 3.5” four color process card that displays a wine bottle label and rating on side one and a review of the wine and food paring info on side two. A deck of these cards is placed in a plastic holder, which is clipped to the shelf in front of the rated wine in a supermarket.

The best part of the Wine Card is the flexibility and simplicity it affords every vineyard in the world. This is a turnkey program that includes design, printing, placement and monthly service at a surprisingly low cost.